6N Alpha Polo Crew Breakfast Run

6N Alpha Polo Crew Breakfast Run

The Mother City of South Africa, Cape Town, has many hidden talents, vehicles – including car clubs. One of the many hidden car clubs of Cape Town is the 6N Alpha Polo Crew.

Established for some time now, the club is more known for the part in giving back to the community, as this is a vital foundation on which the club is established. Even though they are not at every car gathering and show, does these oaks play a significant role within the Cape Car Scene.

They decided to spend some time with one another and take some time out for proper team building. This would be done in the form of a drive out, where they will then stop for some snacks and conversation, and then move to the braai location to end the day off in one another’s presence. Of course we were invited, not only to spectate the entire event, but to spend the day in their company.

It all started early morning. The breakfast run were to be around Cape Point, then stopping over at the Hour Bay Harbour. This is where we caught up to them – had some snaps taken with some fun and laughter.

Check out the June 2017 Edition of Movere Digizine. This is where we have more pictures and information on what happened on the day. This is the spot where you will be able to see how much fun these oaks had. Last but not least – this is the place where you can see how many models the guys have in their club. So ladies, get to picking.

Get your copy of Movere Digizine, the Cape’s Motoring Journal right now, to read more about the 6N Alpha Polo Crew’s Breakfast Run.

6N Alpha Polo Crew Breakfast Run
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6N Alpha Polo Crew Breakfast Run
The 6N Alpha Polo Crew gathered for a Breakfast Run around the Cape Peninsula to end of their day in the company of the fellow members with a braai.
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