All Fuelled Up 2017

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September starts off with fun in the Cape for the Cape car culture.

As September kicked off, the first car show for the season of Spring was held. This gave us a great introduction on what’s the come for the rest of the month, and of course the year.

The All Fuelled Up Charity Car show certainly set the bar for the car shows that will soon follow. This after a silent period in Cape Town all due to the winter period we recently experienced. More park-offs were hosted than actual big car shows like this one.

All the regular clubs and faces came out to support the event. There was entrainment galore. With enough to keep the little ones busy, everyone had a good time. Enough food from all the stalls and a huge field on which everything happened, except for Limbo of course.

If this was the start to what can be expected for the rest of the year, then we are most definitely looking forward to having a good time with car shows this year.

We have more images in the magazine. So make sure you get your copy Movere. You will find everything in the September 2017 Edition of Movere. If you wish to download it, simply click Download, or head on over to the September 2017 Webpage where you will be able to read more on this Edition and what you can find between the pages.

All Fuelled Up 2017
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All Fuelled Up 2017
The second installment of the charity car show, All Fuelled Up happened out in Goodwood to give a preview and a taste of what's still to be expected for 2017.
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