Allie Joharie

Allie Joharie's Baby Blues

Allie’s Baby Blue Toyota Tazz is an expression of his love for the Toyota brand.

Allie Joharie, the owner of this Toyota Tazz has been one that we’ve been heading hunting for a while now. With his busy and active schedule, we were surprised when we approached him and actually got a YES as confirmation for a meeting with Allie.

As a member of Stance Cartel, Allie’s car speaks for him, giving an indication of the things he loves and definitely lives for.

As shown in the January 2018 Edition, Allie’s is one who finds himself a humble and relaxed person.

To read more about Allie, get your own copy of Movere’s 32nd Edition.

Between the pages of the January 2018 Edition, you will be able to read more about Allie together with the Opel Corsa Utility owner, Jerydo Appollis.

Both these gentleman showcase their vehicles in this Edition. You should also be able to read more about the shows we have attended recently. If you’re looking for more reason to get your hands on a copy of Movere, here’s why.

During the festive month of December, the annual Dub Auto Fest kicked things off in Claremont. The show could be found in the December 2017 Edition of Movere, or simply click here to read more about the event.

Following DAF17 was Toyota Fest 2017. The show managed to gather all the Toyota petrolheads of the Mother City to come spectate and participate in the event. This was a great experience which could be read more about right here.

Another one that followed, that managed gather a huge number of followers was the annual Only The Fittest that was hosted by Cape Stance. This was such a fun day. You can jump and read more about Only The Fittest 2018 here.

Things didn’t stop here. If you were following us concerning the things we have been up to recently, you would know that we too checked out the Killarney Street Fest and Stance On The Greens.

All of the above mentioned, Toyota Fest, Stance On The Greens, Killarney Street Fest and Only The Fittest 2017, in the January 2018 Edition of Movere Digital Magazine.

Allie Joharie's Baby Blues
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Allie Joharie's Baby Blues
Allie Joharie features in the January 2018 Edition of Movere Digital Magazine. Download your copy to read more about Allie Joharie, Jerydo Appollis, and more.
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