Amir Masoot

Amir's DIY Project

Cape Town, the one City that the rest of South Africa really under estimates when it comes to building and personalizing their cars. For this reason, we had to jump when we were introduced to Amir Masoot after hearing the story he had to share.

Being the Cape’s Automotive Journal, we make sure to lurk around to find the hidden talents of Cape Town. While in our peruse, one can actually say that Amir fell out of the sky, because we were not looking in his direction, yet we find ourselves writing about his story right now.

Right here, let it be known that we are not going to spoil the whole story about Amir, you need to make sure you get your copy of the June Edition of Movere Digizine. This is where Amir takes the center of the front page as we get to share the story of his built. We will even share the part of how we had to shift locations the day of our meeting and how we thought Amir got into trouble the moment the road authorities flashed their lights at Amir, signaling him to pull over.

A Jetta owned by Amir is the red apple of his eye, his little piece of candy as this is one true definition of Built Not Bought, you might not believe it when we say that everything that has been done to the car was done by Amir himself.

Read the story of Amir Masoot, together with other feature, Ronalda Pietersen and the features, Lee-Anne Barrows, Alvin Avontuur and Tyler Plaatjies in the June Edition of Movere Digizine. If you want you want to get your copy straight away, just click Download.

Amir's DIY Project
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Amir's DIY Project
Amir Masoot takes the front page of the June 2017 Edition of Movere. A DIY project which has become the apple of eye, a true definition of "Built Not Bought."
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