Ashley’s Limited Edition

#Nicki, The Limited Edition.

Movere Digizine is the get together spot where you can read on anything happening in Cape Town. Table Mountain overlooks the entire Cape Town, but on the streets and underground are activities happening that one cannot see from Table Mountain. This is where Movere Digizine comes in.

This is why Movere Digizine brings you all the hot and happening information on the Cape’s streets. The one spot where you can chill out on in your car, on your bed or even in class, and still be informed on what’s happening on the one spot where you wish to be.

The May Edition is a very special edition. Not for the people who in magazine, but the specific car model that is celebrated in the May Edition. For those who do not know, this is the Vw Golf Mk1.

Just check the front page, it is filled with Mk1s. The top and middle has two Black Mk1s while the bottom section has 3 white Vw Golf Mk1s. The cars at the bottom belongs to Jay-Jay Chapman, Zaida Jansen and Dennis Judeel. These are three of the Limers which can be found in the May Edition of Movere Digizine. The top section belongs to Micah Lakey and his VeloMike. But the middle section goes to a very special car named Nicki.

Ashley Vlotman lives by the words, “You’re either a Mk1 driver, or you’re not.” While other try to practice what they preach, does Ashley live out these words on a daily base. For those who don’t think so, you better run your eyes through the May Edition, you’ll be able to see why we can make this statement.

Ashley is the proud owner of a Vw Golf Mk1, a Limited Edition. We were fortunate enough to hook up and chill with Mr.Vlotman to check what are some of the latest news he had to share. Some of the news Ashley shared bought a smile to our face, while we too heard some news that would make anyone sad.

Check out the latest update on Ashley and his vehicle in the special Mk1 Edition. The Edition we dedicated the lover of the Vw Golf Mk1. Ashley and his limited edition Mk1 takes the front page. We still have much more shots like that to share.

Get your copy of the May 2017 Edition right now. This is Movere Digizine – Cape Town’s Motoring Journal.

Ashley's Limited Edition Golf Mk1
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Ashley's Limited Edition Golf Mk1
“You’re either a Mk1 driver, or you’re not,” are the famous words of Limited Edition Golf Mk1, Ashley Vlotman. Check his latest update with Movere & Nicki.
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