ATM (Chilli) Park-Off

ATM (Chilli) Park-Off

Cold Cape Town? Cold Cape Town where?

No matter what, thing can keep the car guys away from a Park-Off, Hook-Up or just an ordinary get-together. This means the Cold Cape Town won’t even be able to keep them away from another. They will do anything they can to be checking out what the others are doing. For this we know not even a hurricane will be able to keep the true enthusiasts separated from one another.

It was but a cold weekend, since we have winter in South Africa. We thought we would simply just have to the Club S2K Winters Braai, and once everyone depart from there, it would be home time for everyone in order to go keep warm. Little did we know we would be finishing up the day in the presence of more guys at a slight get together.

Saturday July 29, 2017 was wrapped up with friends at the ATM Park-Off. Out of the blue we were informed about these proceedings and made sure we place the pedal to the metal as we head out to the spot in order to check what’s happening there.

We snapped some pictures which then made it into the August BlackOUT Edition of Movere. Better make sure you go and download you copy in order to check out the pictures that were snapped at this spot.

Whilst you are at it, you will be able to check to other things that went down around Cape Town such as the Club S2K Winters Braai together with the Coffee & Cars hookup.

Don’t forget to have a look out the three black bad boys from the BlackOUT Edition. A Toyota GT86, Nissan 350Z and Honda S2000. These are just fascinating toys to play with, and we bring them right down to a screen near you.

We shall share more pictures on Facebook & Instagram. Better make sure you stay locked by using those platforms.

AMT (Chilli) Park-Off
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AMT (Chilli) Park-Off
When the news reached us on the ATM Park-Off happening, we made sure to grab our gear, buddies to check what's happening on the Cape's Streets.
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