Black Edition’s Coffee & Cars

Black Edition's Coffee & Cars

Coffee & Cars, a petrol enthusiast’s way of spending a Sunday afternoon with some friends.

A social gathering, which made for time to be spent with some friends and familiar faces from Cape Town’s Car Scene was hosted by Black Edition in order to get everyone out for some coffee.

The gathering happened to be a huge happening as McDonalds N1 City haven’t been this jam packed in a while.

The afternoon wasn’t only for some relaxing and social times, a little limbo competition was also hosted. This meant the photographers who found themselves lurking around had a good time in capturing those sweet low moments.

We have some of the coverage in the August Edition of Movere. Be sure to get your copy of the BlackOUT Edition which is a total FREE download. One that can be accessed on any phone, tablet or PC.

The BlackOUT Edition gets its name from three cars we have in this edition. A Black Nissan 350Z, Toyota GT86 and Honda S2000. Read more on these cars by simply clicking Download or read more on the August 2017 Edition of Movere Digizine.

Black Edition's Coffee & Cars
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Black Edition's Coffee & Cars
Coffee & Cars, presented by Cape Town's Black Edition is a social gathering that brought regular faces together with a chilled Sunday afternoon of Cars.
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