BlackOUT: Spoony S2K

BlackOUT: Spoony S2K

As you have read by now, the August Edition of Movere Digizine is called the BlackOUT Edition for a reason. This is simply because we have three Japanese coupes which made it into Movere.

These cars, a Toyota GT86, Nissan 350Z and this Honda S2000. These rides belong to Johandre Duminy, Adnaan George and of course Andrew Fowler.

Not forgetting that you can also read more on Hoosain Kader’s VW Golf GTi, the Limers, Robyne Leon and Donovan Rudolph, then there is the events such as the Club S2K Winters Braai, ATM Park-off and the Coffee & Cars by Black Edition. This is a fulfilled edition of Movere you do not want to mis.

Read more about this edition by checking out the Page, Movere August 2017 or simply click Download to easily get quick access to BlackOUT Edition. Remember, it’s a free digital publication that works on all cell phones, tablets and even your pc.

Wait, let us get back to story of Andrew.

We first saw this stunning S2000 at H-Day. This was of course the hot and happening Honda Day that was on the lips of all petrol enthusiasts earlier this year. Remember, you can simply search for H-Day on this website, and you’ll be informed on the things that went down.

Andrew has been lucky enough to be the owner of this S2000 for some time now. He placed a few extras onto the car in order to personalize the vehicle according to his taste.

But let us not ruin it for you. Get yourself the Movere BlackOUT Edition and read his story together with Adnaan George Johandre Duminy and let us not forget Hoosain Kader.

BlackOUT: Spoony S2K
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BlackOUT: Spoony S2K
After being introduced to Andrew & his S2000 at H-Day 2017, we found out some interesting facts on Mr Fowler and his Black Beast. Check out their story.
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