BlackOUT: Supercharged Nissan 350Z

BlackOUT: Supercharged Nissan 350Z

We get to unravel the Beasty 350Z!

From the first time we heard the exhaust note from this 350Z, we were hooked and knew something had to be done to hook up with this car, as one could clearly hear this isn’t just something ordinary.

This why the BlackOUT Edition is such a sweet Edition of Movere. Just for the fact that were able to gather three awesome bad boy toys that just makes the knees of the ladies weak.

The BlackOUT Edition of Movere Digizine is the August 2017 Edition of Movere. This is the spot where this Nissan 350Z chills between the pages of Movere together with a Toyota GT86, Honda S2000 and the bass kicking VW Golf GTi.

In this Edition of Movere, we have Robyne Leon and Donovan Rudolph chilling in the Seeking The Lime section, with more names one could find in Movere. We too bring you the happenings from the Winter Braai that was hosted by Club S2K, the ATM Park-off and Black Edition’s Coffee & Cars.

Adnaan George, the owner of this Supercharged Nissan 350Z shares his story on how was able to lay his hands on the keys of this 350Z. Even though it was somewhat of a struggle to get his very own 350, does he not regret doing this purchase.

Whilst we were speaking to Adnaan, he could stop smiling when speaking about the extra goodies that has been added onto the motor of the car such as the supercharger. Then there is still the extra bottle of NOS in the boot.

Click DOWNLOAD to download your free copy of Movere Digizine. You’ll immediately get access to the BlackOUT Edition, which is the August 2017 Edition of Movere Digital Magazine. This is the spot where you will be able to read more on the three bad toys which make the BlackOUT Edition that which it is. Consisting of a Honda, Toyota and Nissan, and maybe a VW, do you know this is one great edition not to be missed.

BlackOUT: Supercharged Nissan 350Z
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BlackOUT: Supercharged Nissan 350Z
From the first time we heard the exhaust note, we were hooked & knew something was cooking under the bonnet. So we made an appointment, met up, & got surprised.
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