The Milton Cookie

The Milton Cookie

A head start to a guy that’s about to take up the VW Mk1 Scene of Cape Town to show the boys he can roll with them.

Brandon Milton, the owner of this 2004 Vw Gold Mk1 – 1.6i Velocity is a VW enthusiast that dreamed his whole life of getting to the point where he can not only participate in the Cape Town Automotive events, but make sure to take home an item to indicate his victory at the event.

A point which one would find odd is that Brandon Milton works for McCarthy Toyota Tableview. This means although he drives Toyota daily, his personal car is a VW. When we asked Brandon whether he would ever change or whether the fact that he works for Toyota influence his buying decision, Brandon whole hearted said no. His passion will always stay with the VW brand.

Brandon spent some time with us to share his story, giving us a brief background into the life of Mr Milton. As a petrolhead from Atlantis, Brandon said he is looking forward to participate in future events across Cape Town.

Read more about Brandon as we have him between the pages of the July 2017 Edition of Movere Digizine. This will allow you to read more on other guys such as Ryno Hattingh and Deron Anthony. This while we bring you pictures we shot at events hosted by Northside Crew, Dub Familia and Caddy Crew. Our Limers will include Brandon McKinnon, Whaleed Adams and Tauwfeeq George – to name a few.

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The Milton Cookie
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The Milton Cookie
Brandon Milton shares his story about his Cookie as he prepare to take Cape Town by storm, leaving on crumbs behind. Read the story on Brandon and his '04 Velo.
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