Caddy Crew Car Show

Caddy Crew Car Show

An intense event got us pinching ourselves to make sure we are not finding ourselves in some virtual reality or dream.

Once again, in the mid-winter month’s Cape Town came out to support an amazing initiative, this time around, it was hosted by the Cape’s very own Caddy Crew…and what a great initiative this was.

With the increase of woman and child abuse in our country, the Caddy Crew decided that it is time to step up and show their support for the fight against woman and child abuse.  They wanted to raise awareness and at the same time provide a platform for fellow car enthusiasts to come together to showcase their rides.

We found ourselves hanging out and enjoying the time with like-minded petrol enthusiasts from all over Cape Town that we see on a regular basis, whilst others we might have not seen in a while.

Since the premises was rocking with activity, I would say that the event went down well. With any event, one might find the odd glitch here and there, but these were quickly sorted out by the management team. the Caddy Crew should be proud of this achievement and we think they better start planning their next get together.

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Caddy Crew Car Show
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Caddy Crew Car Show
Caddy Crew hosted a Car Show to show their support for the fight against Women & Child Abuse in South Africa. We have information and coverage about the event.
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