We Support Those With Cancer

We Support Those With Cancer

Cape Town halls together contribute funds towards cancer patients.

One of the many things that really makes Cape Town unique is the fact these ladies and gentleman quickly huddle together in order to support those who are in need. This time around Fatimah Jacobs took lead on the event called “We Support Those With Cancer.”

Out in Epping, at White Wolf Performance, the Sunday afternoon made for a cosy spot for the petrol and stance heads to come out and have some lively fun with one another. There were so many guys and girls who pitched up, cars had to que and park in the road.

The event was a park-off that hosted space for some goodies to be sold, a jumping castle for the little once and of course there was space for the guys to slam out their rides and participate in limbo. This of course made the afternoon extremely fun.

Get your copy of the November 2017 Edition of Movere and you will understand why the Cape’s folks came out in their masses to support the event. You will be reading about the names, Ammarah Gordon and Robert Marchand Tayer, whom both are affected by cancer in different ways.

When you get your copy, you will come across the Killarney Motor Show that we attended. Between the rest of the pages, you will come across Brandon Ross, Bradley Herdien, Sipiwe Madonsela and Kaylum Antonels, who showcased their rides in Seeking The Lime.

Of course we cannot forget about Theo William with a Datsun Cedric, Jermaine Johnson with a bagged Polo and Donovan Rudolph with his static Polo.

Read about this and more in the November 2017 Edition of Movere Digital Magazine. Get your free copy by simply heading over to the Downloads Page, or clicking DOWNLOAD to immediately download your copy.

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We Support Those With Cancer
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We Support Those With Cancer
Fatimah Jacobs, together with her team, took on the initiative to generate funds for two cancer patients with the aim to cover their medical bills.
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