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The Cape Stance FitFEST

You do know your favourite automotive magazine from Cape Town covers everything big and wide, in and around Cape Town. We’re the Mother City’s most favourite Digizine – EVER.

Movere Digizine is the only dedicated automotive magazine to keep you updated on what’s happening in and around Cape Town Streets. The one spot where you can check on what happened, what’s the latest news and what’s going to be happening very soon.

During the May month Cape Town was somewhat quiet. But even though the scene was somewhat still we made sure to get you the latest and hottest coverage, and that is the case of the event hosted by CapeStance, FitFest2017.

A car show hosted the long weekend of April out in Cape Town. This is the one spot where one experienced all the big air suspension rides of Cape Town in display. The familiar faces and rides of Cape Town has fun. They really enjoyed themselves. Congratulations to the management team of CapeStance for putting together such a great event and thank you for allowing us to take these pictures.

For more information on the event, and better pictures, do make sure you get your copy of Movere Digizine, the May 2017 Edition. The Edition that was all about the Vw Golf Mk1.

Cape Stance FitFest 2017
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Cape Stance FitFest 2017
During the still time of April, Cape Stance managed to pull Cape Town together, going all aired out with their show, FitFest 2017. Movere Digizine was present.
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