Tuzki – Aired G5

Tuzki – Aired G5

One for Low & Slow as she’s always on the go.

With the recent passing of August, the month of ladies, we found ourselves spending more time with three ladies right from our door step who has been making name for themselves. We, of course, are just the catalyst to make them even more known.

We have mentioned about Fatimah Jacobs with her Honda Accord. How she just loves animals and of course the list of extras she has placed onto her car. Then we talked about Simone Jacobs with her red Vw Polo 6R. How the two of them are building their collection of rewards and the fact that Simone loves the scene by means of giving back to the community.

Now, last, but not least, we have the girl who’s white Golf took the front page. She has been around the scene for some time now. Not just that, with her previous car she really had some heads turned all over the place. This individual is Darélle Rhoode.

We can give you all the juicy information about Darélle, but we would rather advise you to download the September 2017 Edition of Movere. This is where you would get all information on Darélle, Simone and Fatimah, together with the Grounded Nation gatherings, Movere CMC#2 and All Fuelled Up Charity Car Show.

Head over the to the September 2017 Page, or simply just click Download for quick and easy access to this Edition of Movere.

Tuzki - Aired G5
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Tuzki - Aired G5
It was hard tracking her down, but we finally managed to have a sit down with the famous Darélle Rhoode. A female making name for herself in Cape Town. Read her story right here between the pages of Movere.
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