What is Movere all about and why was it established, some of you may ask…  Let us put this into perspective for you. 

Movere is a automotive magazine hosted on a digital platform that give you access and insight into the Cape Car Scene and it’s operations. It is aimed at your typical motoring fanatic wanting to explore the Fraternity and wanting to keep abreast with events.

We are basically your eyes and ears in the car scene and we make sure to bring you coverage of all major events. We absolutely love photography and therefore it is a pleasure for us to take some shots of your car and letting our followers know that you are on the scene. Movere also aims to bring you the untold stories of many Petrol-heads in the Fraternity so that we may all get to know where they come from and where they are heading. This is a platform for you, our readers to interact with the scene and to build new relationships with individuals you might never have knows. It is also a platform for you to show the Fraternity your ride and what you have accomplished thus far.

It is important for us to interact with our readers so that we may understand where improvement is needed as well as whether we are delivering on expectations. We encourage the use of our communication channels to tell us your story and to possibly link us to more individuals who are currently not known to the scene. We endeavour to continue to provide you with all the latest news and review and we vow to do so as objectively as possible.