Edition 21 – February 2017

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Movere #21  |  February 2017

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Poef! ... and just like that, January 2017 is done and dusted.

What a jam packed edition we have, filled with exciting news in and around the Cape Car Scene. The month of love is upon us and we are about to hit you with another exciting edition filled with value added content – like we always do.

This month sees us highlighting Grantlee Hoffman as our front page and of course, there is always a good story behind these good-looking cars. We were fortunate enough to schedule time in his busy calendar, as you will read the changes that have taken effect in his life.

We are also featuring Naeemah Cassim, Rushdien Rua Johaar, Emile Romano, Enrico Botha and Steven Barrows as our #Limers for the month. Why don’t you become a #Limer too?

The one exciting aspect of this edition is the introduction of two new columns. The club chatter column that sees us exploring Crews and there inner workings so that we can gain a better understanding as to how things actually work. We also have a column we called “kitME” for this edition, which gives us insight into more interpersonal relationships in the fraternity.

In addition to all this, we still have our event coverage and some random pictures we took at sites we “popped” in to. Remember, The Movere Eye sees and hears virtually everything and therefore we are able to give you this great content.

We are so excited to be able to present you with this edition that we know is going to be a hit amongst the masses. Download your copy free copy of Movere. Watch the space for download instructions and happy reading!