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Movere #22  |  March 2017

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Movere Digizine is HERE!!! With three exclamation marks, being the 3rd edition for the year.

Before we start getting into the general order of things, let us light up the candles of the cake, and give a big HipHipHoraaaaaaa! to writer/photographer Readon Beerwinkel who is just a few years short of falling off the calendar.

Where have you been living if you don’t know this guy?

Together with Readon on the first of March, Cheslin Arense, one of our #Limers too celebrated his birthday. So a big happy birthday to you to Cheslin.

So back to the general agenda!

Movere is kcab (read the word in the opposite direction) and banging with this month’s edition of Movere.

As always, we bring you stories of Cape Town’s Car Scene right to your fingertips. Literally. We can be viewed on your Cell, Tablet and your PC. How awesome isn’t that!

Black Edition takes a breakfast run and has an awesome time, whilst Cape Polo Crew goes for team building. Then they joined up with Opel Squad LTD, German Stance Crew and the rest of the awesome Cape Car Fraternity, to join the hosting club, Dub Familia with their charitable contributions.

Let us not forget Opel Squad LTD for being crowned as…? If you don’t know, better check out the Opel Fest 2017 coverage in the magazine. Because yes, we made sure to check out the registration and the major big event.

Our #Limers, Shaamiel Harris, Shabeer Hassen, Achmat Brevis, Nazmi Marthinus and birthday boy Cheslin Arendse share their rides in Seeking The Lime.

We showcase our new revamped front page, which is absolutely amazing, or awesome….hmmm, not sure, but it totally kicks butt!

We’ve got Dyllin Basson with his little sugar momma, bagged Toyota RunX called SugarX whilst Ryan comes all the way from the Northern Cape with a cornflower blue VW Polo 6C called Blou Vlam.

Check it out Movere #22 – March 2017!