Edition 23 – April 2017

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Movere #23  |  April 2017

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April, and for the South Africans, this is the Pickle Fish Month. But let us not cause trouble. Leave that fight for those who will share and get when it comes to Eid.

We’re approaching the South African winter months, and this course means that the Cape Town Car Scene will slightly fall into a hibernation mode with regards to huge events, but who cares – we’ve got you covered…at all times!

In the 23rd Edition of Cape Town’s Motoring Journal, Movere Digizine, we bring you all the events that happened across the Mother City lately. This of course include the Cars4Kids by Team DAF, Northside Crew’s Park & Chill with a Limbo session, the WeCARe charity event and then we check out how Atlantis is making a comeback – ATL The TurnUp.

Atlantis is the biggest represented City in this month’s edition. We have #Limers from Atlantis – Ashley McCart, Brandon Milton and Justin van Wyk.

Our main guys who went all out in this edition, too comes from Atlantis. Douglas and his Red EK9 and Tevin with his aired X.

Our other #Limers include Keenan Engel, Ricky Figueira and the Green Bamba that was tagged as the Best Mk3 in Cape Town at the Dub Auto Fest 2016; a guy we’ve been trying to get between the Movere Digizine pages for months now, non-other than Dub Familia’s Mr. Mark Titus.

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