Edition 24 – May 2017

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Movere #24  |  May 2017

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Movere Digizine, We’re Cape Town’s Automotive Journal. This is the hot spot for the information on what’s happening in and around Cape Town.

This is where we celebrate cars and the unique vehicles to be found in Cape Town. This is where everyone comes together to check and stalk to see what the others are up to. Yeah we know about y’all.

Time is one of the biggest celebrations until this far. We have just published our 24th Edition!

This is a huge milestone for us. We’re really happy to have made until this far. This too is an indication of the power we have to strive forward, progress and grow stronger day by day.

So what is to be found in this edition of Movere Digizine? We’ll honestly nothing except VW Golf Mk1! Yes you’ve read correct. We have nothing but the VW Golf Mk1 in this edition. This is the edition if which we celebrate the Vw Golf Mk1 and the trends is has created over the years. It truly is one unique little vehicle that will go down in history.

We feature two Black Vw Golf Mk1’s. These rides are owned by Ashley Vlotman and Micah Lakey. Ashley shows off his Limited Golf nicked Nicki. Micah has the peoples person that shares his story on how he started in the Cape Car Scene.

As always, we have #Limers. But this time around, our Limers, too, show off their Mk1’s. And lastly we of course check out what happened at the Cape Stance event, Fit Fest (FitFest2017).

We really love this month’s front page. We have the names of all the Limers, the show we attend and then we have Two Black Mk1’s which we read more about, together with 3 White Mk1s. Who knew things would turn out like this.

But let us now keep you from enjoying the magazine.

Download this Edition. This is May 2017Movere Digizine #24.