Edition 25 – June 2017

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Movere #25  |  June 2017

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Cutting right to the chase – MOVERE DIGIZINE is HERE! The June 2017 Edition is now available for download.

We are approaching the wet and cold months in South Africa. Time for us to prepare for the rain that is hopefully coming, because we do need it.

Firstly, we wish our Muslim friends and family a prosperous month of Ramadaan.

The of course, it is official! Movere Digizine is TWO Years OLD! Congratulations to us. But we couldn’t have done without you! You guys! You guys as our readers and our motivators to continue with this project. Big UPS and thank you to y’all! You guys plays the biggest and most vital role in our lives – without knowing it.

Wish to know what you can find within this month’s edition of Movere Digizine? Well…let us inform you slightly.

We have Amir Masoot and Ronalda Pietersen who we spent time with. Then is there a rapid increase of Hondas in this month’s edition of Movere Digizine. This is because of the fact that H-Day Cape Town 2017 has officially went down. We have more information on H-Day Cape Town on our blog, be sure to check it out.

We have great news coming your way for the month of July. Be sure to follow us on all our social platforms, Instagram and Facebook, and do not forget to check out our blog regularly. Signup to be informed as things happen our side.

Let us not keep you away from getting yourself the June 2017 Edition of Movere Digizine to see and read more about H-Day Cape Town 2017, Charl Venter, Ezra Meisenheimber, Alvin Avontuur, Khalid Kasker, Kyle Alexander, Tyler Plaatjies and the only lady in the Seeking The Lime section, Lee-Anne Barrows. But she isn’t the only lady, because we have more information on Ronalda “Nelly” Pietersen – next to Amir Masoot and his Mk1 Jetta.

So here we go, Movere Digizine #25 June 2017.