Edition 26 – July 2017

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Movere #26  |  June 2017

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Chasing the cold winter blues away, as Movere Digizine brings the heat right to your hands, your pockets and your all of your portable devices.

Finding ourselves in the middle of the year, we present to you the 26th Edition of Movere Digizine – for one reason only. We are Cape Town’s Automotive Journal.

Between the pages of the July 2017 Edition of Movere, we find the car gatherings hosted by Dub Famila (MPNU Fundraiser) and gathering of the Caddy Crew.

We too have some new folks in Seeking The Lime. They are Lidia Osché, which is the only females this month. She rocks up with her Honda Ballade. This made way for the guys to join up to - Brandon McKinnon and Whaleed Adams. It is so odd to find that all of them drive white Ballades. But Honda isn’t the only brand in Seeking The Lime this month. Tauwfeeq George and Bradley Hendricks shows off they Vw Gold Mk1s.

A Ford Escort, nicknames Airscort, with a Chameleon body coat is the playground for a junior petrolhead. Check our Ryno Hattingh with his Ford Escort in Movere Digizine and see what we are talking about.

A Cape Polo Crew member, Deron Anthony has his Polo between the pages of Movere Digizine. This together with the front page being taken by a Low-Blow White 2004 Vw Golf Mk1 owned by Brandon Milton. The new kid on the block who aims to be taking a few titles home later during the 2017 calendar year.

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