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Movere #28  |  September 2017

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Movere’s Girl Power Edition is kicking pollen up the nose of the guys.

With Spring finally here, we do welcome the sun back into our lives as we see the flowers blossoming and the birds chirping. This is a wonderful period as it brings new life and new energy.

This is why we are refreshed with the presence of the ladies in the September issue of Movere. Since we celebrated Women’s Month recently, how could we not fit some of the awesome ladies which can be found in Cape Town, between the pages of Movere.

Before we get there, we wish to you to note we have went out to the first Grounded Nation hook up in Cape Town, and of course the second one. Then we shot the images of the Movere CMC competition, together with the first even for September that gave a preview of what’s to come for the rest of the year, the All Fuelled Up car show in Goodwood.

We too spent quality time with two female presidents which are familiar to the Cape’s scene, Prue Godfrey and Lee-Anne Barrows. We were able to find out some important facts that you might have known.

Now it is time for us to inform you on the biggest section of all – the ladies which could be found between the pages of this issue of Movere.

We kick things off with a VW Golf 5 GTi names Tuzki. The vehicle is owned by Darélle Rhoode. Darélle is no stranger to Cape Town. Stepping into the scene with her previous car, a Golf 4 GTi, Darélle has become one of the highlighted ladies under the radar.

Little Red Riding Hood with her RedLady sits in the middle. RedLady is a VW Polo 6C. Having been in the scene for some time now, this duo is starting to build their collection of trophies and certificates – slowly but surely. Check out the story of Simone Jacobs with her red Polo.

The last and final mamacita has her daily Special-K. The owner of a Honda Accord. Let us not say more. You will be amazed when you read the story of Fatimah Jacobs and her history with the Honda brand.

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