Edition 31 – Dec 2017

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Movere #31  |  December 2017

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Ending the 2017 year with a warm back.

Movere, Cape Town's Automotive Journal is dedicated to the Cape Town petrol heads. We're here to bring you the low down on what's hot, what's happening and what's to be expected in the Mother City.

With the Edition #31, we're ending off the 2017 and we will be back and banging in January 2018. So if we don't see you before then, and if you're not able to say goodbye, then please allow us to wish you compliments of the season. May you have an awesome festive season and have a relaxing start to your 2018 year.

With this, we bring you the December Edition of Movere Digital Magazine - the very last Edition for 2017.

We check out The Custom Car Show that was hosted by Opel Maniacs and let us not forget about the VAG Lifestyle car show of Cape Town, Dub Auto Fest.

Our Limers include a lady driving a Toyota, amongst the four guys driving VW cars. Magen Beerwinkel with her RunX RSi finds herself in Seeking The Lime together with Kashief Samsodien, Riedwaan Clarke, Nazeem Nordien and Suleiman Solomon.
The front page is filled with the Green Mamba, which is a Jetta CLi owned by Mark Titus.
This car is spotless and carried the Bragging Rights, Best Mk3 for 2016 + 17 from Dub Auto Fest.

Mark Titus is a lecturer whilst our second guy is a high school teacher - Houston Felix.
This petrol enthusiast lifted himself to new heights by which he is able to help others.

Let us not spoil your appetite for this Edition. Make sure you download the December 2017 Edition of Movere Digital Magazine to enjoy reading on what went down across the Mother City.