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Movere #33  |  February 2018

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Welcome to the month of February, where traditionally it is all about love seeing that Valentine’s Day will be celebrated on the 14th.

Hopefully, all our readers are prepared to blow the minds of their partners so much so that it will make you fall in love - all over again.

We strive to give as much love as we can over at Movere by putting in as much effort as possible on a monthly basis to produce content that is relatable and allows the reader to experience a piece of the Cape Car Scene.

This month’s edition is packed with content that speaks to the masses. We start off with the front page sporting the E92 M3, modified by Razor Customs. This beast is one of a kind and has been roaming around Cape Town turning heads.

We managed to pull together two additional features consisting of Allister Ernstzen and Roland Paulse. These two are both parts of a well-known Toyota club called the Republic of the 92ers. In actual fact, Allister is the Chairman and Roland is one of the Admin members of the club. Both of them are super awesome individuals with a great love for the scene and they portray that in the work that they do.

It was great to pull together 5 Limers for this month. Some of the names might be familiar to you and some might not, but these are all active individuals in the scene. They go by the names of Shaugan Deyers, Rouvaun Raubenheimer, Andre Visser, Keagan Saal and Brett van der Schyff.

These cars are all one of a kind in their own right and each one of their stories are completely unique. The one thing that is a common denominator for all of these individuals is that there are a passion and love for cars.

Have a happy month of Love and don’t forget to save some of that love for the machine that gets you from point A to point B.