Donovan Cape Wheel Whorder

Cape Town Wheel Whorder

Amongst the many attractions within the 2017 November Edition of Movere, is the famous Cape Town wheel Whorder one of them.

The November 2017 Edition of Movere, host the names of Brandon Ross with his 1.9 TDi Polo, Kaylum with his low Vw Golf Mk1, Sipiwe Madonsela with his Ford Figo that looks furious and lastly the broad Honda Ballade that belongs to Bradley Herdien.

These names are to be found in Seeking The Lime. These gentleman took the time out to make sure their cars will be found in the November 2017 Edition of Movere – and of course it is awesome seeing their names there. Ordinary guys from the Mother City who took the time out to personalize their cars.

Not forgetting that also saw what Cape Town was up to at the Killarney Motor Show and We Support Those With Cancer initiative that was initiated by Fatimah Jacobs. The cancer initiative was to raise and generated funds for two patients, one male and female, who were affected by cancer in their own ways. We suggest you make time to read more about this initiative and how Cape Town came out to support this.

Then we had Wet, Wild and Windy fun with the Killarney Motor Show. It was fun, although we thought it would be postponed due to the weather patterns. But this didn’t scare anyone. You can read more about this by simply heading the Killarney Motor Show 2017 page.

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There is a very special blue Datsun Cedric 260c in this edition. This is owned by Theo Williams. Mr Williams and the rest of the clan made sure they make their car very special and unique. We suggest your read more about them by more about Dikstem WP.

Of course we cannot forget about the silver OEM bagged Vw Polo owned by Jermaine Johnson. We were amazed for the fact that the car was kept basic with a sound and air suspension setup. Read more about Jermaine Johnson by read the “Sim-plo-city post.”

Then of course, Donovan Rudolph is known all over Cape Town as the biggest wheel collector. He has more wheels per year than the general man has a pay day. He as platform on Facebook by which he allows wheels to be placed for sale or swop. No matter where he goes, he is known as the Cape Town Wheel Whorder – and he lives up to this title.

Better make sure you get your copy of the November 2017 Edition of Movere Digital Magazine to read about the above mentioned names and events. You can simply click DOWNLOAD or head over to the November 2017 Edition Page to read more.

Donovan Rudolph - Cape Wheel Whorder
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Donovan Rudolph - Cape Wheel Whorder
The Legendary Cape Town Wheel Whorder, Donovan Rudolph made his way into the November 2017 Edition of Movere Digital Magazine. Read more about Donny story here.
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