Dub Auto Fest 2017

Dub Auto Fest 2017

Volkswagen folk and fans flocks to VAG show.

As the entire Cape Town Car Scene knows by now, one of the yearly events that draw car enthusiasts together from all around the mother city is an event that takes place during the very first week of December. With the team stretching themselves, the 2017 Edition of Dub Auto Fest went down on December 2nd, 2017.

Team Dub Auto Fest had numerous event throughout the year as a build-up to Dub Auto Fest and to make sure all wrinkles are sorted out before the big day. This show is so big, it not only attracts those from Cape Town to participate but calls on names as far as Port Elizabeth.

With the December 2017 Edition of Movere, we covered the same by making sure we find ourselves a perfect spot on the greens out in Claremont, Cape Town. A school field went set aside to host Dub Auto Fest and all its segments – Show & Shine, Sounds-off, and Limbo.

In the December 2017 Edition, we too covered the names of Magen Beerwinkel, Kashief Samsomdien, Riedwaan Clarke, Naseem Nordien and Suleiman Solomon who can be found as Limers in Seeking The Lime.

These names are next to two cars which can be found on the front page of this edition which is owned by Houston Felix and Mark Titus. Should you get your copy of the 31st Edition, will come across The Custom Car Show which we have attended.

This year, the show received owners who made sure they apply huge changes to their vehicles as they kept their eyes on the prize. Some of these changes were done by receiving a new body coast days before the time, whilst others accessorized their body coat in glitter have others decided to cut up a car and rebuild it from the ground up. This, of course, is what makes this show so huge and fun.

The show was phenomenal and one not to be missed. Catch more on what went down by getting your copy of the December 2017 Edition of Movere. This is where you will be informed of all that happened recently.

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Dub Auto Fest 2017
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Dub Auto Fest 2017
The annual Dub Auto Fest has folk flocking to Cape Town's VAG Lifestyle Car Show. Check on how the event down in Movere December 2017. Read more here.
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