According To The Lunatic

Fatimah goes According to the Luncatic

Unleashing the Lunatec-S under the control of Fatimah Jacobs.

Rooted from Cape Town, being an admin for Lady Owners Cape Town and having raced at Killarney International Raceway and Saldanha, this is one lady we had to meet up to get to know her better.

Having previously owned a 200sx, then over to Prelude, Fatimah now rolls with her According. A beasty ride that she named Lunatec-S. This is simply for the fact that this car doesn’t like standing still.

There are so many points we can mention and things we can say about this girl. But there is probably a section we should mention in order to make you really want to read her article in the September Edition of Movere. Because you will have drool all over your face if you see the following.

Currently, the Accord has a 90ml cold air induction kit, RSB intake, 63ml dual exit exhaust, Xcidy clutch and flywheel, K24 reflash ECU and J35 throttle bodies. This is an indication that this girl means business.

Check out more information about her in the September 2017 Edition of Movere. Here we have a few other ladies. They are Darélle Rhoode with her aired Vw Golf 5 GTi and let us not forget about Simone Jacobs with her RedLADY…and then there is still Lee-Anne & Prue.

Download it here by simply clicking Download or go the September 2017 Page.

According To The Lunatic
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According To The Lunatic
In celebration of Women's Month, Movere's September issue is dedicated to the ladies of which Fatimah Jacobs is the Honda & Speed enthusiast. Read her story right here.
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