Grounded Nation Gathering #2

Grounded Nation Gathering #2

After the first introduction to Cape Town, Grounded Nation scheduled their second gathering for Green Point, Cape Town.

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With the aim to be introducing more of Grounded Nation to the rest of Cape Town, the second meeting, within one month was organized. This time, it was to be at the Green Point stadium.

The evening started off with the members of German Stance Crew rolling up first, before we were blessed with the presence of the other clubs and the guys who roll solo.

The evening got cold very quickly as the wind decided to take away the heat of the evening. But this didn’t stop the evening from being fun. After slight changes we implemented, the evening continued to be fun for all those who found themselves present at the gathering.

We managed to capture some sweet moments from the gathering. It was great to see the individuals of Cape Town just coming together to have some fun.

Check out the September 2017 issue of Movere for more images that was taken on the evening. Simply head on over to the Webpage about the September 2017 issue or click Download – for quicker access.

Grounded Nation Gathering #2
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Grounded Nation Gathering #2
After their first get-together and introduction in Cape Town, Grounded Nation organized another gathering to spread the word on the Cape's streets.
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