H-Day Cape Town Coming Soon


Cape Town's H-Day (Coming Soon)

Should you wish to read about an update on this event, read the H-Day Teaser or download the June 2017 Edition of Movere Digizine for more information on this event.

…And we finally have lift!

There is no need for us to introduce the following event. This is merely because by now, Cape Town is only waiting for the day to come. But for those who don’t know what this is all about, please let us save you the embarrassment of asking someone else…or should we say let us Kick It In?

Cape Town has a very silent side. There is a side of Cape Town you don’t see at the majority of cars shows, or see moving about in the day light. The secret side is what happens underground, where it is dark. But the things are coming to light.

South Africa’s Motor City has now, for the first time ever, a show dedicated to the Honda Brand. A show for the true enthusiast.

H-Day, short for Honda-Day, is an automotive show happening May 20th, 2017, at Killarney International Raceway.

This car show, or let us rather say, this Honda Show is an automotive show allowing Robot2Robot Racing, Show & Shine, Sound-Off, Limbo and Club Display. This all together with more fun and excitement happening such as MSA Drags, Drifting, Spinning, Short circuit racing and Karting. In other words, aint no way you want to be missing out on this one.

Want more reason to consider coming to the show? Well, rumour has it that guys from across Southern Africa are coming. This means not only guys from across South Africa, like Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth, but you can expect names from as far as Namibia and Botswana.

This is because of the unity developed by the Cape Town Honda owners and Clubs which came together to host this mind-blowing event. This is why you will find most of your favourite Honda’s from Cape Town at the event. Cars from Club Civic, Club S2k, CRX Owners Club, Detuned, EG Squad, Honda Society, Havoc (Honda Accord Vtec Owners Club), Honda Prime, Honda Supreme, Honda Republic Squad, Team Helderberg, Type R Owners Club, Yakuza Clan and so much more.

This is the first event of its kind in Cape Town, and this is why everyone is looking forward to this. This is most definitely one for the books of 2017. A setting example of what can happen in Cape Town and the standards set by Cape Town.

Be sure to open your schedule and diarise the date.

Admissions are Free for kids under 12, R20 for kids under 16 and R70 per person. And remember, Killarney International Raceway, 9-6pm, May 20, 2017.

Fueled Fab, one of the major sponsors for the day, will too be bringing joy to the crowds. They are the sponsors for the KRX owned by Lyle Afrika. They’ll be giving away some awesome goods on the day. So better look out because you might be walking away with Caps, T-shirts or other custom parts such as induction kits. For more information on Fueled Fab, or should you want to the speak to the guys, contact Bernard for further information at info@fueledfab.co.za

After mentioning Fueled Fab, how can we forget about S.W.A.T? S.W.A.T is an auto detailing workshop that has done amazing work on the cars of amongst Cape Town’s well known car enthusiasts. One of the most popular names that comes to mind is Flippie Viljoen as they were the team who performed the colour change. As part of their contribution, S.W.A.T has assisted various members of H-Day with polishing and branding which will be available to view at the event. They can be found on social media at Auto Detail Centre CT or get in contact with them via email at renaldo.messeir@gmail.com or via telephone at 065 803 2293. Alternatively, visit their stand on H-Day for more information.

On the other hand Auto Tec Racing is a popular name in the car fraternity when it comes to tuning and racing equipment. Luckily for you, they’re one of the sponsors for H-Day and will be giving away a set of rims to one lucky winner on the day. If you haven’t heard of the guys, or wish to know more about the brand, please follow them on Facebook at Autotec Racing or contact Shameegh at 072 642 6118.  Alternatively, visit their stand on H-Day.

Another brand you might consider visiting on H-Day is Vertex solutions. Another well-known brand in the car scene especially amongst Honda drivers for their reliable Honda replacement solutions, performance works as well as aftermarket spares. They will be giving away a Honda camber kit on the day to one lucky attendee! Hell Yeah, so make sure you’re not missing out on this opportunity. Check their Facebook Page, Vertex Solutions Automotive or reach them via email at info@vertex-solutions.net. But you can also check them out on H-Day.

Another brand talked about all over Cape Town, and been posting on social media is S4 Honda Spares. They specialize is any and all Honda spares whether it is new or used. They have received many good reviews so much so that one of the H-Day organizers is an avid supporter of S4 Honda Spares. They will be present on H-Day with their own little stand. But you can following them on social media at S4 Honda Spares or contact them at 083 472 3267.

If you’re planning on checking out some of the above names on social media, let us add another one to your list – D-Lines Logistics. Offering various services ranging from logistics and transportation, special packaging and removals, event management, photography and digital marketing. They are of course one of the official sponsors for H-Day and will be ready to answer your questions on the day, just look out for the D-Lines Logistics stand. Follow them on Facebook at DLINESofficial or contact them at 072 643 0751.

Check this one. If you see the following name, I guarantee you will be smiling because it will be ringing a bell. Imz Otto! Many people know this gentlemen for his great work and good service one can expect at all time. They are a one stop shop for all your Auto spares and accessory needs ranging from lips, body parts as well as suspension parts. The best part of it all is, they will be giving away a Bormex Wing valued at R2 000.00 on H-Day. For more information on this, have a look at stand on H-Day, speak to them on social media or contact Imz Otto on 076 604 4752.

Car care is vitally important to any motoring enthusiast. This is why the name Turtle Wax has developed such a strong and confident name. Hot Wax is a brand ambassador for this amazing product. They specialize in vehicle detailing and cleaning. Come speak to them at H-Day, they will make sure you’re clued up on exactly how to be using their products correctly for the best possible shine. They will be giving away 12 Turtle Wax twin packs on H-Day so make sure to visit their stand on the day to get details on how to win. For further information, contact Mark at 082 864 1202.

Not forgetting that Burly Pro will to be present at H-Day.

Just like everyone, we’re looking forward to this. We’ll be doing full coverage of the entire day and will be uploading some pictures as we go along.

Check our Facebook for more information. This will too be platform that will allow you to come into direct contact with the team.

H-Day Cape Town Coming Soon
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H-Day Cape Town Coming Soon
H-Day, short for Honda-Day, is an automotive show happening May 20th, 2017, at Killarney International Raceway.
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