Havok Squad – 3rd Annual Super Showcase Auto Show

Krazy Krew – Bags Are For B*tches Club Display 2015

After a quiet while in the Cape Town automotive scene, it seems the enthusiasts might be coming out to get themselves amongst other their friends and rival clubs from Cape Town.

With the colder months slowly approaching, less Sun time in South Africa’s mother city means the folks are not coming out in their usual quantities. But we shouldn’t only blame the time of year we’re in. We still have make time for our immediate families, the kids with their homework situations and the new office reports that’s going bring change at work. Besides these activities, we still need to replenish our cupboards after the generous sharing that has been happening lately.

This isn’t a bad thing, but we first need to take care of ourselves before we continue on to assist charity.

But it’s all going to come back together again with the next instalment of Havok Squad and Oude Molen.

Oude Molen Technical High School, generating some of tomorrow’s engineers, is by now one of the famous locations to consider when hosting a car show. It served as competition location for a few events in 2015, including the second annual VAG Lifestyle Auto Show of Cape Town – Dub Auto Fest. This was also the year the partnership between Havok & Oude Molen started – a Cape Town based Car Club.

In September 2016 Havok Squad had their second show hosted at Oude Molen Technical High School. A Fundraiser to assist the school.

I can clearly remember this show. Saturday, September 16th, 2016. A partly cloudy Cape Town had a cool breeze keeping the temperature at ease as a few gatherings and shows went down.

As we approached the school we noticed cars scattered all across the wide field, with scholars and their chit chat in the background, taking a break with their teachers.

The cars that had my attention the most was an old school carburettor park-off in the centre of the field. It was a white Ford Sierra XR8 and two Ford Mustangs, coloured in Orange and Red.

Being a huge speedster, I couldn’t contain myself around these cars for they are some of the elements that influenced the big V8’s block we know off today.

But the weirdest things I’ve ever seen at a car show, happened at this show.

This “thing” was used by one of the most craziest crews in Cape Town. Having a streak of trophies in their collection for Best Club Display, they really went out of their way when they pulled up and all prepared to take yet another Club Display Trophy at this show.

Krazy Krew, the club display trophy streakers of Cape Town, had a live horse, horsing around the place, taking members for a joy ride when the horse had to ease some stress.

This was the highlight of the day, and one of the most creative displays I’ve seen from the club. But the one that still takes the trophy for me, although they could have done a bit better with this idea, but they still get credit because it is so unique, is a display they too built on the Oude Molen grounds way back in 2015 when Auto Punks teamed up with Havok Squad to do the show. The unforgettable club display of 2015, “Bags Are For B*tches.”

This weekend, Saturday March 25, 2017, Oude Molen will be packed with cars as Havok Squad presents the third annual Super Showcase Auto Show, and teaming up with Team 4KingLoud.

For more information on this event, head to the calendar, or simply click here, to head directly to the page for more information.

It’s going to break the silence within the car scene this week as people have been starting to prepare to take some prizes away.

We’ll of course see to be at the event and check what the Cape Car Scene will get up too.

Havok Squad SSAS 2017 at Oude Molen High School
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Havok Squad SSAS 2017 at Oude Molen High School
Saturday March 25, 2017, Oude Molen will be packed with cars as Havok Squad presents the third annual Super Showcase Auto Show.
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