Havok Squad: Stance Wash





Havok Squad's Stance Wash

The car clubs of Cape Town will use any given opportunity to get together for some chill time and socializing. This is exactly the case of Havok Squad’s Stance Wash.

After the Movere team met up in the Cape Town CBD, we headed out to Brooklyn to check what’s up and happening with the Havok Squad’s stance wash.

When we got there, we first noticed the white Golf 6 at the entrance, just looking awesome on the showroom floor. We entered, moved the location which was pointed out for us to park at, when we noticed the day’s activities.

Guys from all over Cape Town gathered to have to their vehicles beautified before the start of the new week. But this too allowed to new guys meeting one another and having some car talk as the music we keeping the vibe alive in the background.

Check out the Havok Squad Stance Wash together with more pictures and the full story in the February Edition of Movere Digizine.

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Havok Squad: Stance Wash
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Havok Squad: Stance Wash
Havok Squad hosted a Stance Wash on Sunday, January 29th. The afternoon made for some well chill time and good car cleaning.
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