Hoosain’s Bass Blower

Hoosain's Bass Blower

Familiar face to Cape Town’s Car Scene has his GTi kicking good bass and kilowatts.

Hoosain Kader is familiar face to the Cape Frat. This is as his roots are firmly planted within the scene, due to his history with the scene, which started with a Caddy – way back then.

In the BlackOUT Edition of Movere, the August 2017 Edition of Movere Digizine, do we go in detail on Hoosain’s current baby. A VW Golf 5 GTi. This car that currently just brings smiles to Hoosain’s face.

Between the three black vehicles that could be found in Movere, is Hoosain’s GTi the only odd one out. This is because this white ride isn’t from the same continent as the other three bad boys. But this doesn’t mean Hoosain can’t keep up with the guys.

Read Hoosain’s story in the BlackOUT Edition of Movere. Make sure you get your free copy by simply clicking Download to quickly get access to it. You can also check out the front page and read more about this edition by checking out the Movere August 2017 Webpage.

This will be the Edition where you can read more about what makes the BlackOUT Edition a BLACK OUT Edition. All due to the three bad boys. Toyota GT86, Nissan 350Z and Honda S2000.

Don’t forget that as per usual do we have some Limers in this edition. You can check out the stories of Robyne Leon and Donovan Rudolph amongst others.

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Hoosain's Bass Blower
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Hoosain's Bass Blower
Hoosain Kader and his GTi are familiar to be turning heads and kicking bass across the streets of Cape Town. Check his build up story in the August Edition.
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