Houston Felix


Tasmo The Tazz

Tasmo the Tazz started a whole new adventure.

Every now and then we come across individuals who we notice are just leaders in their own way, trying to do better and deliver a better living environment to those whom they are able to help, and here we have one of those examples.

With the release of the December 2017 Edition of Movere, have we introduced a new face to the car scene. This gentleman is one of the refined and laid back guys who run away when the limelight is shined on him. But through proper persistence and lurking, have we managed to set time aside to catch up with this gentleman.

Houston Felix, believe it or not, accidentally ended up on our radar; and when spotted, was there no turning back.

Before we go into the story of Houston Felix, remember you should be able to get more inside information between the 31st Edition of Movere Digital Magazine. The December 2017 Edition host names such as Magen Beerwinkel, Kashief Samsomdien, Riedwaan Clarke, Naseem Nordien and Suleiman Solomon in the Seeking The Lime segment. You too will be able to catch up on the Opel Maniacs Custom Car Show and of course the annual Dub Auto Fest.

Next to Houston Felix, will you find the, Mark Titus, who’s Green Mamba sits in the center of the front page – a VW Jetta CLi.

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Let’s continue with Houston.

Mr. Felix is a high school teacher who purchased his vehicle when he found himself in a little situation that forced him to buy the car a while back. After that, a few modifications have come along and opened a whole new world. This is simply as Houston started spending more time with this car, lead to him falling deeper in love with his little Tasmo.

Download the December 2017 Edition of Movere and read more on Houston and the above-mentioned names such as Mark Titus, together with The Custom Car Show.

Houston's Tasmo - The Tazz
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Houston's Tasmo - The Tazz
Houston Felix, a high school teacher that was forced to purchase his very first car fell deeper in love one the modifications came along. Read more about him right here.
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