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Respect towards those who keeps rocking the OEM look.

Everyone has their own style and prefers their car to be unique in their special and sometimes very odd ways. In the case of Mr. Johnson, keeping the factory styled setup is his preferred way or dealing with his car on a daily base.

In the November 2017 Edition, we read about the names such as Brandon Ross, Kaylum Antonels, Sipiwe Madonsela, and Bradley Herdien. These are the gentleman who took the chance to share their rides in Seeking The Lime.

Brandon Ross drives a 1.9 TDi Polo. Kaylum slams a Vw Golf Mk1. Sipiwe drives a Ford Figo and Bradley keeps things simple with his Honda Ballade. Remember, should you wish to show your car in Seeking The Lime, simply contact us for further assistance or more information.

Amongst the above names mentioned, the likes of the Killarney Motor Show and the We Support Those With Cancer initiative is displayed in the November 2017 issue. These we great gatherings that generated fun memories which we have made sure to capture and show to you. This is why you better make a plan to get your copy of Movere.

Should you page through this edition, you will come across the names of  Theo Williams and Donovan Rudolph, next to Jermaine of course.

Donovan and Jermaine both own Vw Polos whilst Theo Williams drives a beautiful Datsun Cedric 260c. It is an amazing beast simply for the fact the car is restored so beautifully and runs a Lexus V8 engine. This why the name Dikstem was given to it.

Jermaine loves his car in the OEM form. He is a more of a speed enthusiast, but being in the game, making some new friends have really interest him in taking on the stance scene. We were informed that he has a slight project which he would have ran with at the recent Saldanha 800m drags.

You should get hold of the November 2017 Edition of Movere in order to read more on Theo Williams, Donovan Rudolph and of course can we not forget about Jermain Johnson.

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Jermaine's OEM+ Aired Out 9N Polo
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Jermaine's OEM+ Aired Out 9N Polo
Plain & Simple, this 9N is anything but your ordinary Polo. Read on how Jermaine decided to keep his car looking ordinary, to hide in plain sight.
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