Jerydo Appollis

Jerydo's Mini Corsa UTE

January brings the kickstart to the new year, and Movere brings you the January 2018 Edition of Movere.

During the holidays, we made sure we spend plenty of time out and about amongst the Cape Town Car Scene, simply to have fun and see what the rest of the Mother City is up to. During this busy and festive period, we too made sure to capture what was happening and going down, in order to keep you up to date.

During the month of December, the annual Dub Auto Fest happened that gathered brands from the Volkswagen Auto Group to spectate and participate at Dub Auto Fest 2017. Be sure to check out how things went down reading more about DAF17.

Next, another branded show called all the Toyota Enthusiasts out to Somerset-West. This was Toyota Fest 2017. (Click here to read more).

In the January 2018 Edition of Movere, Toyota Fest only but starts things. There was also the Stance On The Greens, the Killarney Street Fest and how can we forget about Only The Fittest 2018.

All of the above-mentioned shows could be found in the January 2018 Edition of Movere. Simply click on the Toyota Fest or Only The Fittest 2017 to read more about these events right here.

Things didn’t stop there, we were still able to catch up with Jerydo Appollis – the owner of this Opel Corsa Utility.

Born and bred in Stellenbosch, this up and comer recently started working on his very first project – this Corsa. Strange enough, his love for the Opel brand actually developed through his father, as his father worked for Opel.

Jerydo, a rugby player, simply loves the low life and blasting big sounds – no wonder he has an amazing setup.

Get your hands on the 32nd Edition of Movere, here you will be able to read so much more about Jerydo and another gentleman we were able to spend time with, Allie Joharie and his Toyota Tazz.

You’ll be able to get all of this, and so much more in the January 2018 Edition of Movere, hence the reason you should get your free copy.

Simply read more about this Edition HERE or DOWNLOAD this copy of Movere.

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Jerydo's Mini Corsa UTE
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Jerydo's Mini Corsa UTE
Jerydo Appollis features in the January 2018 Edition of Movere Digital Magazine. Download your copy to read more about Jerydo Appollis, Allie Joharie and more.
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