Killarney Motor Show

Wet, Wild & Windy

Things got Wet, Wild And Windy at this year’s Killarney Motor Show.

Generally, when we speak about Killarney International Raceway, we generally think about circuit racing, go-karting or even drag racing, but of course, each year, things are somewhat tweaked and they welcome the rest of the car scene.

Being the Cape’s Motoring Journal, we made it our mission, of course, to be present at the show. In order to make sure we spent some time with the rest of the Mother City’s petrolheads as well as to bring you some awesome coverage of the event.

This year, the event was held on a very strange day. When we saw how the weather patterns might not be allowing the event to go down, we started getting worried. But to our surprise, when we rocked up, it was awesome to see how the cars rocked up early, no matter the weather condition in order to prepare for the show.

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Between the pages of the November Edition of Movere Digital Magazine, we spend time with Theo Williams and his V8 Bass Beast, a Datsun Cedric, Jermain Johnson and Donovan Rudolph – both owning silver VW Polos.

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Killarney Motor Show 2017
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Killarney Motor Show 2017
The 2017 Killarney Motor Show was a spectacular gathering that had everyone entertained. Check out Movere's November 2017 Edition for more information.
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