Killarney Street Fest 16

Killarney Street Fest 2016

As Cape Town was still in its festive celebrations, all roads lead to Killarney to kick off one of the most exciting days for Cape Town and it’s Petrolheads.

By now, we know, Killarney’s Street Fest is a ‘must’ for the visit calendar of December. Just like previous times, and previous years, there were no disappointments, just tyre smoke and exhaust gasses – the things that brings smiles to any motoring enthusiast.

The 2016 Killarney Street Fest went down on December 27th, 2016. For the most and biggest Petrolheads of Cape Town, this meant Killarney in the morning and Only The Fittest the afternoon, which was hosted simply around the corner from Killarney.

This was the chosen location for the day. The one place where you can see Stance, Speed and Sound cars. This meant walking around Killarney with a smile from ear-to-ear, after a while, it was permanently present.

The day turned out amazing – as expected. The friends, the braais, the beauties and the babes. One could see faces you haven’t seen in a long time, there was new people one could meet, and of course the photographers and videographers had fun capturing the day in digital format.

We have to remember that Killarney is Cape Town’s only and oldest motoring spot, and this is what makes this event so specular. For now, this is the only place in Cape Town where legal drag racing can be going down, while a Sound-off can happen.

We show off much more pictures and share more detail in the first edition for 2017 – the January Edition of Cape Town’s Motoring Journal – Movere Digizine. The first and only Digizine dedicated to the motoring scene of South Africa’s Motor City – Cape Town.

Killarney Street Fest 16
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Killarney Street Fest 16
Killarney Street Fest is the proper way to end of the 2016 motoring calendar for Cape Town. Bringing young and old together for a proper celebration.
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