Durban’s Stance Fest

Durban's Stance Fest

The Durban Stance Fest is brought to Cape Town to share what Cape Town missed out on.

Each section of South Africa us totally and entirely unique when it comes to their Car Culture. The Durban scene is different to the Johannesburg scene, which differs from the Port Elizabeth scene which does not have all of the characteristics of the Kimberly scene, which entails is an opposite world when compared to Cape Town.

This is why we took the opportunity to head out to Durban when the time came for their Stance Fest.

My, My, My! – what a pleasant surprise and odd experience all in one. The Durban fraternity is miles apart from how things happen in Cape Town, and this was something I would not have believed if I didn’t experienced it for myself.

It was the opportunity of a lifetime to see car enthusiast from all over gather in the pouring rain with their short shelved clothing and walking about like the sun was strikingly hot. I’m born and bred a Captonian, so therefore this is somewhat odd to me. But I pleasantly enjoyed the tropical weather myself. I just wondered how it would be possible for me to take the weather with my to the windy Mother City of South Africa.

Appealing as the images may indicate the event was, is it a must for you to download your free copy of the October 2017 Edition of Movere Digizine. This is where you will have the opportunity to read in depth detail about the show and how things went down.

Remember, Movere is entirely free to download, so get your copy now, by simply clicking DOWNLOAD on heading over to the October 2017 web page where you should be able to read more on what is to find between the pages of Movere.

Here you will read more about the names such as Rusdien Johaar, Moegamat Samaai, Gavin Naidoo, Samuel Williams, Rizhaun Booysen, Jean-Pierre Rudolph and Mzwandile Dube. These guys are Limers in the October 2017 Edition of Movere.

Then there are some of the shows we went out to go check. They are the Team Honda Charity Car Show, Slammed SA Cape Town Launch, Grand Spring Auto 2017 and Motor Madness 2017.

All the above mentioned and more you will be able to find in the October 2017 Edition of Movere.

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Durban's Stance Fesst 2017
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Durban's Stance Fesst 2017
We traveled out to Durban to bring the KZN Stance Fest straight to Cape Town. Check out for coverage and read more in the October 2017 Edition of Movere.
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