Luscious Ladies


Luscious Lovely Ladies

Two extra ordinary ladies set aside some of their very important time to sit down and talk about themselves.

Seeing that we recently celebrated women’s month, and we have an entire edition dedicated to the ladies, we made a plan to gather some insight information on two female presidents who has been in charge of their clubs for a while now.

Both the clubs are right here from Cape Town, and both these clubs one would generally find participating at car shows across Cape Town. If this is not the case, then they are out and about giving back in different forms. Whether it is providing something warm to eat for the homeless or hosting a car show to generate the required funds for charity.

Lee-Anne Barrows is the founding member of Opel Squad LTD. It is a group of individuals who simply love to contribute their part in community work.

Prue Godfrey is currently the president of Cape Polo Crew. One could say they are probably the biggest Polo club in Cape Town at this moment. They’ve been known to do bring their part in assisting other clubs and organizations do well for the community, together with their own initiatives.

Read their article in the September 2017 Edition of Movere Digizine. Here I go and share more info about these two which you might not have known.

As mentioned before, they are not the only ladies between the pages of this edition of Movere. They share this of Movere with Fatimah Jacobs, Simone Jacobs and Darélle Rhoode. Each of the ladies are pretty unique in their own right. But let us not ruin the surprise for you. Get your copy of the September 2017 Edition of Movere. Read more about on the September 2017 Page or just press Download.

Luscious Ladies
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Luscious Ladies
Lee-Anne Barrows and Prue Godfrey, two female presidents of Cape Town based car clubs. We highlight them and their importance within the Cape Car Culture. Read a little more about them right here.
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