Limer: Alvin Avontuur

Limer: Alvin Avontuur

Cape Town was recently rocked by the huge effect one of the major and most talked about car events had on the mother city. Leaving a title wave between the Cape Petrolheads. This is the show that was hosted specifically for the Honda brand, a show that was better known as H-Day Cape Town 2017.

For those who might have missed this mouth-watering event, don’t worry, as always Movere has got you covered. We have a few places where you can read more on the event. Simply follow the links for the Event Background, Event Registration or Event Teaser. Alternatively, jump onto our Facebook page to check the Facebook Album.

On the day, we came across a few interesting fellow at the show. This is where we were first introduced to the name Alvin Avontuur.

Alvin, in his early 30’s, a Cape Petrolhead from Michells Plain who represents the Honda brand. Better known as Spongy, Mr.Avontuur is the type of family man who loves spending time with his friends and family members.

In the June Edition of Movere Digizine Alvin shares his story on how he came to own his current Honda Ballade, and describes himself a modern day tech-head who just loves gadgets. But let us not share too much information on Alvin, we might spoil everything for you.

We suggest you get yourself the June Edition of Movere Digizine where you can read more on our Limers as Alvin Avontuur made it into the Seeking The Lime section with his Honda Ballade. Check his story, together with information and pictures about Alvin.

Don’t forget this will allow you to see our other Limers, Lee-Anne Barrows with Tyler Plaatjies, and read more about the June Edition of Movere. There we a lot of things which went down, like the 6N Alpha Polo Crew Breakfast Run and not forgetting jaw dropping images of H-Day Cape Town 2017.

Simply click here to download the June Edition of Movere Digizine right away, or read more about the June Edition of Movere Digizine.

#Limer: Alvin Avontuur
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#Limer: Alvin Avontuur
Movere Limer, Alvin Avontuur makes it into the June 2017 Edition of Movere Digizine. Check out his story, together with so much more in Movere Digizine.
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