Limer: Bradley Herdien

Limer: Bradley Herdien

The love for Honda hooked this owner.

Throughout the previous blogs that went out this month, we have seen the name Bradley Herdien a few times. We know by now he is one of the Limers that could be found in the November 2017 Edition of Movere Digital Magazine.

He shares this November Limer stage with the names like Brandon Ross, Sipiwe Mandonsela and Kaylum Antonels. These owners couldn’t wait for the magazine to be available for download, simply because they were really excited to see their features in Seeking The Lime.

If you get your hands on the November 2017 Edition of Movere, you would see Brandon Ross owns a Vw Polo 9N 1.9 TDi that he is simply in love with. A love that improved over time. We actually have two other Silver 9N Polos in this edition. These cars are owned by Jermaine Johnson and Donovan Rudolph. More about them later.

The other oaks in Seeking The Lime, Sipiwe and Kaylum are both stance lovers. Kaylum has a VW Golf Mk1 and Sipiwe drives a Ford Figo. Both these gentleman rocks with Slammed SA and Grounded Nation.

When the opportunity presented itself to Bradley, he made sure to jump in order to get his car within the magazine. This is why you should get your copy of the November 2017 Edition of Movere Digital Magazine. We will not be spoiling it for you right now. Once you get hold of your issue, you will be able to read more about Bradley.

This month, we also have the likes of Theo Williams with his Datsun Cedric. Nicknamed Dikstem simply because of the awesome exhaust note the car has coming from the V8 engine, this is one of those true old school classics that makes heads turn all across Cape Town.

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Limer: Bradley Herdien
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Limer: Bradley Herdien
In the November 2017 Edition of Movere, Limer, Bradley Herdien stepped forward to share and showcase his pride in Movere. Read more about him & his Honda here.
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