Limer: Donovan Rudolph

Limer: Donovan Ruldolph

The Cape Town Wheel Legend made his appearance again.

For guys in Cape Town, that takes part in the Cape Town Car Culture, should know the name Donovan Rudolph by now; for one reason, and one reason only…which we will mention subsequently.

A VIP for the Cape Town’s Polo 9N Owners Club, does Donovan have a wide history with cars, and especially VW since he has mainly, or should we say only owned VW models throughout his life. He is one loyal VW driver.

In the BlackOUT Edition, Donovan shares his story on the models of VWs he has owned before, and most importantly, his collection of wheels for the year thus far.

Let us explain.

Donovan Rudolph was a Limer in one of the 2016 Editions of Movere. This is where he admittedly explained that he just loves wheels. He has a huge addiction when it comes to wheels. He is known to be one of the biggest wheel collectors of Cape Town. This is the reason why Donny has no problem titling himself as Cape Town’s Wheel Whore.

But let us not give too much information away. Read his story where he mentions that for 2017 alone thus far, he had new wheels on his car, than what most females have bought themselves new undies.

Check out his story and so much more in the BlackOUT Edition of Movere. Simply click download, to easily access the magazine, or read more, by clicking here.

You will also be able to check out the story on the only female limer of the month, Robyne Leon whilst we check out the some park-offs, ATM Park-Off and Coffee & Cars. Club S2K had a Winters Braai and then there is the three bad boys. A Black Toyota, Black Nissan and Black Honda. They’re stories will be right here.

Donny, The Cape Town Wheel Guy
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Donny, The Cape Town Wheel Guy
Movere Limer, Donovan Rudolph, the Cape Town Wheel Guy astonish us with his wheel collection for 2017. Check his story in Movere's August 2017 Edition.
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