Limer: Jay-Jay Chapman


Limer: Jay-Jay Chapman

Movere Digizine, is the one place for the month where you get nothing but Vw Golf Mk1’s between the May month’s pages. When we mentioned that we might have a dedicated Mk1 Edition, there was one guy who literally jumped to be between the May pages. His name is Jay-Jay Chapman.

Chapman, someone who loves to pose of the Movere cameras, most definitely loves the magazine. This is probably why he made sure that whenever he can, he will squeeze himself in the Seeking The Lime section. This could be the reason why Chapman has found himself as a Limer before. But this didn’t just happen once, it happened twice already. Making this the third time Jay-Jay Seeks The Lime.

Not that we think of it…we think its his third time, with him, one can never tell.

For those who remember his Blue VW Polo Playa (6N), will know that was the start for Jay-Jay in the car scene. After having the car for a few years, he decided it was time he jump over the Golf production line. Soon thereafter, in 2016, Jay-Jay got his first Vw Golf Mk1.

Another Limer in this edition was Pierre Perrang. He made the same move of swopping over from a VW Polo 6N to Vw Golf Mk1.

This Wreckless-Intruder is one insane dude, straight out of Michells Plain. Always out with the guys, making jokes, hanging at at car shows, charity events or working on rides to bring it down closer to the ground. As Jay puts it, I like it Low & Fast.

Check him out in the May Edition of Movere Digizine. The place where we check on the Limers and what they have been up to lately. Get your copy of the 24th Edition of Movere Digizine – Cape Town’s Motoring Journal.

#Limer: Jay-Jay Chapman
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#Limer: Jay-Jay Chapman
This Wreckless-Intruder from Michells Plain, always out with the guys, making jokes, hanging at at car shows, charity events or grounding some cars.
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