Limer: Jean-Pierre Rudolph

Limer: Jean-Pierre Rudolph

He calls it his Baby Camry.

Limers gives us an indication of who’s out there, who has done what to their vehicle and what clever ideas you might be able to implement on your very own built.

Jean-Pierre Rudolph, an Atlantis resident out on the Cape West Coast if the owner of this little Toyota.

In the October 2017 Edition of Movere, Jean-Pierre provides us with a little introduction on who he is, from where he is, and what he does for a living. But of course, this is not the highlight of the article.

The part-time photographer drives a 1997 Toyota Conquest. The bone stock 1600 has a little extra added onto the car to give it a better sound on the ears. The interior has been redone together with aftermarket sound that has been fitted to the vehicle.

Read more on the 27-year-old petrol enthusiast in the October 2017 Edition of Movere Digital Magazine. Simply click HERE to start your download or you can simply read more on the October 2017 Edition of Movere by heading over to the web page.

Jean-Pierre finds himself sharing the Seeking The Lime with fellow petrol enthusiasts, Rusdien Johaar, Moegamat Samaai, Gavin Naidoo, Samuel Williams, Rizhaun Booysen and Mzwandile Dube.

This will also be the Edition where you can read more about the car show hosted in Somerset West hosted by Team Honda Helderberg, the launch of Slammed SA in Cape Town, Grand Spring Auto 2017, Motor Madness 2017 and Stance Fest.

The front page is taken by two Polos which are owned by Muzaith Koopman and Kyle Booysen. Make sure you check this out as well.

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Limer: Jean-Pierre Rudolph
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Limer: Jean-Pierre Rudolph
Limer, Jean-Pierre Rudolph shares his Toyota in the October 2017 Edition of Movere Digital Magazine in Seeking The Lime.
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