Limer: Kaylum Anotonels

Limer: Kaylum Antonels

Speed might be the influence for his stance habits.

Kaylum Antonels, is a true enthusiasts that’s always out and about on the streets of the Mother City to make sure he spends his time with the lovers and the lowered scene beneath Table Mountain. This is because this slammer just loves to turn down – wherever he finds himself.

In the November 2017 Edition of Movere, Kaylum shows off his Vw Golf Mk1 in Seeking The Lime. The section where the readers has the opportunity to share their rides with the rest of Cape Town.

You can read more about Kaylum and his follow Limers, Brandon Ross, Bradley Herdien and Sipiwe Madonsela. This is where you will read how much Kaylum loves his car, the group which he rolls with and in the position he finds himself in daily.

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And of course, let us remind you, you should be able to read about the Killarney Motor Show and the We Support Those With Cancer initiative amongst the names of Theo Williams, Jermaine Johnson and Donovan Rudolph.

This was a very fun edition for the fact that Theo Williams own a very hot Datsun Cedric 260c whilst Jermaine and Donovan each drives their daily silver Vw Polos.

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Limer: Kaylum Antonels
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Limer: Kaylum Antonels
Limer, Kaylum Antonels, shares his story in the November 2017 Edition of the Movere Digital Magazine - how things got started, & the mods he currently owns.
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