Limer: Lee-Anne Barrows

Limer: Lee-Anne Barrows

Mamma-Bella, the Cape Scene’s Mama Bear of Opel Squad LTD.

Cape Town’s Petrolheads are very familiar with the name Opel Squad LTD, only for the fact that they go out of their way to work around the clock to make sure their cars are up to standards, and in a lot of cases, although they do it for fun, they end up walking away with a few trophies.

The Opel Squad LTD car club is glued together by the love of their Mamma-Bella, their Mommy Bear – Lee-Anne Barrows.

Lee-Anne, being the automotive enthusiasts that she is, has her roots planted firmly within the Cape Automotive Fraternity, this is all thanks to her history with cars.

Making it into Seeking The Lime of the June Edition of Movere Digizine, Lee-Anne shares her story on where he love for cars started. To give you just a taste, she actually spent a lot of her younger years at the Killarney International Raceway, marking cars in the scrutinizing pits. But even though she hard core, love speed and all things care related, is she still the typical mommy to her 3 little cuddly bears. This is where her love for cooking comes in, spending time with her family and of course giving herself some TLC sessions by getting her hair or nails done.

To read more on Lee-Anne, together with some information on the team, get your copy of Movere Digizine – more specifically the June 2017 Edition. Head over to the list of the Limers, and this is where you will be able to check out Lee-Anne.

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One of the biggest reasons why you would want to get your copy of the June Edition is for the first edition of H-Day Cape Town. This is the automotive show dedicated to the Honda brand. Read the Event Background, Event Registration or Event Teaser. Not forgetting all the pictures about the event can be found in our Facebook Album.

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#Limer: Lee-Anne Barrows
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#Limer: Lee-Anne Barrows
Movere Limer, Lee-Anne Barrows makes it into the June 2017 Edition of Movere Digizine. Check out her story, together with so much more in Movere Digizine.
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