Limer: Mark Titus

Limer: Mark Titus

The most attractive Green Mamba in Cape Town is the Jetta owned by Mr. Titus.

Over the years, we’ve noticed many guys love being rewarded a medal or trophy for Best Paint, but for the owner of this Mk3, earning that Best Paint reward is like getting breakfast.

Sir Mark Titus is famous individual within the Cape Town Scene that the guys love to chill with, merely because Mark loves socializing with others. Mark is one of the individuals who brought the Dub Familia Car Club to life.

We have tried for months to get Mark between the pages of Movere, ever since we met Mark. But since Mr.Titus is such a chilled and laid back oak, he doesn’t love being in the Lime light, until he recently gave us the opportunity and the go-ahead to inform the rest of Cape Town exactly who Mark Titus is.

Awarded Best Mk3 at the annual Dub Auto Fest 2016, Mark walked with a smile, and he deserves to. Mark’s Jetta, Green Mamba, is just an immaculate car. Everything spot on, clean, and original. We don’t want to share all the points to love about this car, therefore, whenever you get the chance to speak to Mark Titus, better make sure you get some advice.

Mark and his Green Mamba is in the April 2017 Edition of Movere Digizine. Better check it out, with more information and exclusive shots Mark shared with us.

Download your copy of Movere April 2017 now.

#Limer: Mark Titus
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#Limer: Mark Titus
For Mark, the owner of Green Mamba, a Mk3 Jetta, being rewarded the Best Paint Trophy is like getting breakfast, nothing major to it, with no complications.
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