Limer Naeemah Cassiem

Naeemah - Opel & Fashion Guru.

The Cape Town Car Scene is the place where folk come to live out their passion for roaring engines, belly scrapers and of course bass blasting bazookas – not the little portable ones.

In the case of this Mommy, Wife & Fashion guru, the word Static Stanced Opel Corsa Utility is right on the top of her hobby list.

Naeemah Cassiem, local Capetonian is no stranger to the Cape fraternity car faces. Not only is she on trend with the latest fashion styles and technics, but she knows how to dress up her little UTE.

The bug big about 5 years ago when she first joined an Opel car club in Cape Town. This resulted in Naeemah getting herself some new gear and accessing her bakkie on a bi-monthly basis.

We noticed the bakkie the first time we browsed the Cement Area at the 2016 Spring Fest, held in Cape Town.

Standing between a White Toyota Yaris and VW Polo 9N, was this 1.4 Corsa Utility. One could notice the owner being big on their car life for the condition in which we found the car. Bonnet bra, 165/45/15 around a yellow centre coated OZ Turbo, and coilovers…until a few questions came up when our eyes glanced down at the number plate which stated “Naeemah – WP.”

Having no sight of where the owner is, or who the owner is, we continued with our browsing session while talking to anyone who has a punch line to share.

Month’s later, and Naeemah then applied to one of the Limers for the February 2017 Edition of Movere after a conversation stroke up with one of her friends who happened to tag her on Facebook.

With the release of the February 2017 Edition of Movere, one read about how the bakkie can be found today. Make sure you the February 2017 Edition of Movere Digizine to read more.

We thought this was all…until we rocked up at OpelFest2K17 to find Naeemah with our eyes on her main prize.

Naeemah was on a mission!

The utility not only had a different set of wheels (compared to the last show we saw her at), rocking the static life, all puffed and polished, but the Black & Pink vinyl simply did the bakkie justice.

Out of the blue, Naeemah adds on more details to bring her bakkie to one of the top Utilities we’ve seen around Cape Town. But now, after this change, the question is, what’s next? Well we waiting Naeemah…

To see more about Naeemah and her little bakkie, as she likes to put it, read the February 2017 Edition of Movere.

Limer Naeemah Cassiem
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Limer Naeemah Cassiem
Naeemah Cassiem - Mommy, Wife & Fashion guru, and the owner of a Static Opel Corsa Utility – Naeemah WP.
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