Limer: Nazmi Marthinus

Limer: Nazmi Marthinus

Could the Cape Town Car Scene be falling in love with the Stance looks of one can get from the Eighth generation of the Toyota Corolla – again?

The Toyota Corolla is probably the biggest and most famous Toyota roaming the Cape Town Streets. Or no – wait. Let us rather say that the Toyota is most definitely is the biggest Toyota model to be found on the Streets of Cape Town.

Could this be because it is time that these models fall into the hands of the next generation, the younger generation who will makes the cars beautiful, or is it merely because everyone simply loves the sound of 20v motors as it surpass the 7500RPM mark in the rev counter? What ever you choose, and the way you like it, we know it is time that we will see much more of these models in the Stance scene very soon.

One of the guys who raised the standards for the owners of this specific Toyota series, is a local motoring enthusiasts with the name of Nazmi Marthinus.

We first noticed the car when the Mk3 Dubsters teamed up with Cape Dappers to host the charity event at N1 City’s underground parking lot on Sunday evening for Holy Cross Childens Home.

The following this event was the car spotted at the RST-Up (Rev Up, Show Up & Turn Up) show which was hosted in Milnerton, that we first laid our eyes on this vehicle. Honestly, we were spectating as the car approaching the location of the show, and the owner, Nazmi, came to park right in front of us.

This was a huge mistake as this made us discuss the car even more. But as we talked about the car, there was just something that made one fall in love with the car from the get go.

From there we of course had some pictures of this car, and as time went by, we saw more of this Toyota at Park-offs, shows or just merely scraping tar off the Cape Town Streets.

Now Movere of course, the Movere team at all times see the attend every event of just these small little get-togethers around town. After all, we are Mover Digizine, Cape Town’s motoring journal – we have no other choice but to bring the biggest and hippest news of what is happening in and around South Africa’s Motor City…or should we say Motoring City?

Back to Namzi’s story…

It was then time for one for biggest year-end shows to happen – Only The Fittest.

By this time our curiosity levels went through the roof, because we wanted to know who this is, and of course we wanted to know more about the car.

It was just after OTF we started talking to the owner, Nazmi Marthinus.

Nazmi shares his story in the March Edition of Movere Digizine. He tell us how he got hold of the car, and the slight changes he has brought the car, except for of course making it touch the ground.

Download the March Edition of Movere Digizine, to check his story, and much more.

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Limer: Nazmi Marthinus
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Limer: Nazmi Marthinus
One of the guys who raised the standards for the owners of this specific Toyota series, is a local motoring enthusiasts with the name of Nazmi Marthinus.
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