Limer: Rizhaun Booysen

Limer: Rizhaun Booysen

It is called 50 Shades because it comes with a whole lot of drama.

We all have seen the run-away phenomena called “50 Shades of Grey” and the drama that had all the ladies and the media in a buzz at some time. Just as the book and story line had all the girls in a buzz, does this grey coated Vw Golf Mk5 GTi have everyone else… “in a buzz.”

I personally think the owned chose the perfect name for this toy. Just for the fact that this is a head turner, it seeks attention and of course the after effect is the drama that is created by the car. Whether this is good or bad, we know Rizhaun Booysen ain’t complaining.

Rizhaun and his Mk5 GTi is featured in the October 2017 Edition of Movere Digital Magazine in the Seeking The Lime section. This is where the readers has the opportunity to of course show they hidden talents that could be found roaming the streets. This platform is used by many each month to share the toys they have in their possession.

Rizhaun is amongst the names such as Rusdien Johaar, Moegamat Samaai, Gavin Naidoo, Jean-Pierre Rudolph, Mzwandile Dube and his buddy, Samuel Williams who can be found between the pages of Movere, in the October 2017 Edition, sharing more information on their rides.

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Within this edition you will have the opportunity to read about the names mentioned above which are in Seeking The Lime. This while the front page is filled with two unique Polos owned by Kyle Booysen and Muzaith Koopman.

Then there is the Team Honda Charity Car Show, Slammed SA Cape Town Launch, Grand Spring Auto 2017, Motor Madness 2017 and Stance Fest which was hosted in Durban, South Africa.

Stay tuned for more inside information coming on what’s between the October 2017 Edition of Movere Digital Magazine. But not to be delayed, you better get your free copy right now.

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Limer: Rizhaun Booysen
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Limer: Rizhaun Booysen
Rizhaun Booysen shares with Movere his problems: 50 Shades of GTi. Check out his story in the October 2017 Edition of Movere Digital Magazine.
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